Articles, Reflections, and Reviews

This page will provide original articles and teaching reflections on topics and readings connected to World Englishes, multilingualism, and English-language learning. The articles and teaching reflections located here are written by Brittain Fellows in the Writing and Communication Program at Georgia Tech. The articles are not peer-reviewed, but are rather general interest and exploratory articles intended to scaffold the efforts of and provide insights useful to teachers of English learners.

The reflections display the innovative ways Brittain Fellows integrate the teaching of global literature into their courses, detail the purpose driving those endeavors, and reflect on the outcomes and benefits of global literature to students and classroom environments.

The page will also eventually serve as a space for reviews of print and digital works of interest, including monographs, articles, and other media.



“Infinite Jest and Sesquipadalia: Reading for (Scrabble) Vocabulary” by Jeff Howard



Nonfiction: Multilingual Writing and Writing Centers by Ben Rafoth (reviewed by Jeff Howard)

Fiction: Revenge: Eleven Dark Tales by Yoko Ogawa (reviewed by Kendra Slayton)

Fiction: Multiple Choice by Alejandro Zambra (reviewed by Jeff Howard)



“‘Polygluttony’ at Duolingo’s Language Buffet”  by Jeff Howard

“Foreign Film Recommendations” by Aaron Colton, Joshua Cohen, Kendra Slayton, Alex Edwards, Derek Lee, Aleksander Sedzielarz, and Wendy Truren

Link: “Supporting English Language Learning Students at Georgia Tech” by Jeff Howard, Dongho Cha, Hyeryung Hwang, Alok Amatya, and Ben Bergholtz (published in TECHStyle, 23 Oct. 2019)


Global Literature Reflections

“Teaching Zadie Smith’s NW as a Global Text” by Molly Slavin

“Global Focus on Local Issues: Comics and Urban Development” by Leah S. Misemer

“’Plop!’: Teaching Haiku in First-Year Composition” by Jeff Howard



Nonfiction: Being Mortal by Atul Gawande (reviewed by Jeff Howard)